Beef Haus has been a hallmark of the Wellsville community since it was founded in 1978. We remained in our original location until it was destroyed by an electrical fire in 1984. Six weeks later, we reopened in our current Main Street location where Spiro’s Restaurant used to be.

Due to popularity and an abundance of business, we expanded our new location in 1985 to include an adjacent dining room named the Willow Room. Later we added another dining and meeting room named the Balloon Room as well as an upstairs loft for larger banquets and meetings.

In January 1991, Bob Insley and Associates purchased The Beef Haus and made renovations to the upstairs loft and kitchen.

The 176 North Main Street location was originally Halls Drug Store, which offered hardware and paint on the second floor. According to local folklore, the founder of Halls also owned the Pink House and mixed the historic house’s special pink in the upstairs loft of Beef Haus. The building transitioned into Williams Hardware before being converted into an Italian Restaurant, and eventually becoming Spiro's Greek Restaurant.

Through fire, relocation, refurbishing, and expansion, Beef Haus continues to create a friendly atmosphere which keeps guests returning for lunch, dinner, and special events.

A New Fun Look

It's a new look to for an old town tradition. The recently renovated dining room and bar now have an open dining area with the original tin ceiling from the previous Hall's Drug Store. The Bar has been moved and expanded with three flat screen TVs for your enjoyment.

We even added some of Wellsville's past history to our decor with pictures from yesteryear and local antiques that are unique to our area. Our patrons provided us with the most interesting look at our areas history!

Beef Haus Round Table

This table is a part of Wellsville's history and has also been in the Beef Haus for a long time. It was the meeting place for all the town’s dignitaries when they gathered for lunch. They would meet at this table every day to discuss current events and politics.

While our location may have changed, our kitchen and wait staff continue to provide customers with excellent food and exceptional service.

guests at a booth
eat outside at beef haus
beef haus bar
restaurant entrance